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In order to realize intelligent transportation in factories, warehouses, ports and other scenes, HELI developed the AGV intelligent transportation system, to serve the diversified and customized handling needs of various industries.

Seasonal fluctuations have been a common problem in third-party logistics and continue to be difficult to predict, creating uncertainty in labour requirements for employers. Wang Yong, director of HELI Intelligent Vehicle Institute says in a Forkliftaction interview that a HELI customer was finding it difficult to recruit forklift drivers during the peak production season, but didn’t need so many drivers in the off-season. The business was also experiencing a high degree of stock damage.

Yong says that through face-to-face discussion with users and an in-depth understanding and analysis of needs, Heli proposed an unmanned warehouse implementation plan, retaining manual receiving and shipping, whilst unmanning inbound, outbound and in-store operations. This semi-automated plan significantly reduced loss of goods, reduced the impact of seasonal variability and ensured operations were efficient and economical.

HELI AGV systems have been widely used in logistics warehousing, household manufacturing, electronic processing, department store, machinery manufacturing, auto parts processing, paper printing, household appliances manufacturing and other industries to create high-efficiency, high-precision, high-standard intelligent logistics system solutions for users.

HELI AGV products, which can successfully implement automatic out and in storage operations in a high goods allocation and narrow tunnel situation; effectively integrate informatization systems, such as ERP, WMS, MES and so on. Meanwhile, HELI AGV has a variety of models available for different clients.

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