Öhman Trukit has been operating in the forklift sector for 30 years.
Our range of services covers the entire spectrum.

Öhman Trukit Oy (ÖT) was founded in 1989. The business has since been refocused from our origins in forklift maintenance to also cover other services relating to forklifts. In 1999, ÖT purchased Lahden Trukkipalvelu Oy (LTP), which provides short and long-term forklift rental services. ÖT provides import, sales, spare parts and maintenance services.

Since the first facility was established in Heinola, the companies have expanded to include Lahti premise and we serve in the region of Southern Finland.

Forklift sales, spare parts and rental services are taken care of by the company itself throughout Finland, whilst forklift maintenance services further away from our premises are taken care of with the help of our partners. We currently have 26 members of staff.

Sales of new forklifts began with the company taking on the role of retailer for Clark in the late 90s. The business Clark Lift Finland was purchased in 2005, as a result of which Clark retailer operations became importer operations. The import of Chinese HELI forklifts began in 2004. Furthermore, ÖT manufactures NOSTON swing mast forklifts and sawmill forklifts, as well as taking care of the maintenance, spare parts and technical support needs of OK and NORMET forklifts, which were previously manufactured in Finland. A number of different forklift brands have been imported over the years to meet forklift rental needs.

The greatest challenges in ÖT’s almost 30-year history were the recession of the early 90s, and the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing debt restructuring. The length of the companies’ histories has, nevertheless, proven to be their greatest strength and the basis of their professional skills. In some instances, staff members’ expertise in terms of the forklift sector stretches back further than the history of the companies themselves.


Our aim is to take care of any forklift-related needs our customers may have, whilst ensuring the customer’s experience is as smooth as possible. For more information about our services, please visit the relevant sections of our website.


We currently have 26 members of staff. Whatever challenge you may be facing, our staff can help find a solution, as we know forklifts.



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We have facilities in Lahti, Heinola, Hanko and also a sales office in Alajärvi. If necessary, forklift-related requirements elsewhere in Finland are managed with the help of our partners.