Öhman Trukit Oy:lle uusi toimipiste Hankoon

Öhman Trukit Oy:lle uusi toimipiste Hankoon Euroports Hanko Oy:n korjaamopalvelut ovat siirtyneet 1.9.2023 liikkeenluovutuksella Öhman Trukit Oy:lle. Korjaamotoimintojen ulkoistus koskettaa kahdeksaa henkilöä, jotka liikkeenluovutuksen yhteydessä siirtyivät Öhman Trukit Oy:n palvelukseen. Liikkeenluovutus ei vaikuta Öhman Trukit Oy:n muihin liiketoimintohin. – Olemme toimineet yli 30 vuotta trukkialalla ja tarjoamme kaikki trukkeihin liittyvät palvelut trukkimyynnistä ja vuokrauksesta varaosiin […]

HELI Newsletter No 1/2022

HELI Newsletter No 1. January/February To the Readers Happy New Year! At the beginning of 2022, we are releasing this 1st Issue. The newsletter will be published bimontly and will have 2 mains sections: Company news –  news of HELI headquarters and overseas companies Product Show – HELI products selection with features overview. We wish you […]

Forkliftautomation and robotics – designed for all companies

In order to realize intelligent transportation in factories, warehouses, ports and other scenes, HELI developed the AGV intelligent transportation system, to serve the diversified and customized handling needs of various industries. Seasonal fluctuations have been a common problem in third-party logistics and continue to be difficult to predict, creating uncertainty in labour requirements for employers. […]

Öhman Trukit becomes a MAFI importer

On 1 March, Öhman Trukit took on the role of representative of MAFI Transport Systems. MAFI, a German manufacturer of terminal tractors and trailers, boasts a top-quality product range and 60 years of experience. MAFI manufactures all of its products at its factory in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, and offers a comprehensive range of terminal tractors and trailers […]

Clark turns 100

Clark, the inventor of the modern forklift, turned 100 in 2017. The company celebrated its centenary by organising events such as large-scale celebrations at all of its facilities. At these celebrations, Clark also released details of its new S-Series, which will replace its older Gen2 C-Series, initially in the 2–3.5 t lifting capacity size class. Clark […]