HELI Powered pallet trucks

HELI offers three different powered pallet trucks for different purposes. An affordable model for light uses, a stronger walk-behind configuration, and the heaviest duty model with impressive lifting capacity, also available with a driver platform and safety supports.


HELI CBD15-20J BLiH, a new generation pallet truck. Lightweight, easy to use and easy to maintain. Available as walk-behind and with a lifting capacity of 1,500 kg – 2,000 kg. Suitable for small warehouses or suitable for delivery trucks.

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The HELI CBD20-30-460 is HELI’s heaviest duty powered pallet truck. It is available with a driver platform and safety supports. The lifting capacity is 2,000–3,000 kg.

HELI CBD20-30-460

The HELI CBD20-150 has a small structure for its size, but boasts a 2,000 kg lifting capacity. Available only in a walk-behind configuration.

HELI CBD20-150