CLARK S 20, 25, 30, 35

The S-Series was launched by Clark in 2017, and is initially available in the 2.0–3.5 t size class. The S-Series is also set to expand to other size classes as it replaces the C-Series. The S-Series models are available either as diesel or LPG-powered. The 2.0–3.5 t size class is also available with cushion wheels. The S-Series features wet disc brakes as standard. All the latest equipment is either available as standard or as an optional extra. Clark S-Series models are highly adaptable to suit customers’ needs, with a range of different additional equipment combinations available.

max. 3500 kg

max. 7315 mm

max. 22.1 km/h

LPG 51.6 kW DSL 46.0 kW

min. 3910 mm