HELI uutiskirje 3/2023

HELI uutiskirje nro 3 / 2023

Arvoisa lukija!

Uusimmassa HELI Companyn englanninkielisesä uutiskirjeessä asiaa mm. i-sarjan AGV tuotteista, yhteistyöstä aurinkosähköteollisuuteen keskittyvän kehitysyrityksen kanssa sekä G3 sarjalaisen maastotrukin esittely.

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HELI i-Series Global Launch

HELI held a global launch of the i-Series on May 26, 2023 with the theme ”Smart Interconnec­tion, Enlightening the future”. HELI officially launched the new generation of i-Series AGV products at the event. The newly developed and designed i-series, adhering to the ”intelli­gent”, ”innovative”, ”interactive”, ”integrated-integrated”, and ”integrated” design. It is equipped with AGV intelligent handling robot, focusing on the core technology of new gener­ation of intelligent network linkage, around the key areas of embedded software, scheduling algorithm) unmanned driving) navigation and vehicle motion control) intelligent network linkage terminal) intelligent logistics system integration) etc. It is equipped with the first SG intelligent logistics platform in China) and adopts the ultimate technologies such as laser and SLAM navigation) servo motor) automatic charging and vision recognition.

The launch of intelligent i series is an important milestone in HELI’s development history, the best proof of HELI’s high-quality development, and an important strategy for HELI to acceler­ate the realization of global green and intelligent handling.



LESSO BANHAO, a new energy enterprise under ”CHINA LESSO”, which is the world’s leading plastic pipe manufacturer. It focuses on the Photovoltaic Industry, adheres to the new devel­opment concept, and is committed to providing a full range of green energy solutions to global customers. In recent years LESSO BANHAO has continued to increase investment in basic innovation put into production intelligent photovoltaic production lines officially, and moved into the stage of large-scale industrialization.


Glass, the raw material for the production of photovoltaic modules, heavy in tonnage frag­ile and difficult to handle. High-frequency glass loading and unloading, has high require­ments for the comprehensive performance of forklifts.


Faced with the high demand for the transfer of materials in the factory, HELI has formulated a one-stop green handling solution. In multiple links such as ”raw material storage”, ”pro­duction line material transfer”, and ”finished product delivery”, HELI helps the enterprise operate low-carbon and efficiently.

  • HELI G3 lithium battery forklift adopts a tailstock body structure and has strong stability. With high-performance lithium battery has strong endurance and high energy conver­sion rate which can meet the needs of customers for high-frequency safe operation

  • Heli provided the warehouse truck powered by lithium. It is equipped with an integrated con­trol handle which is simple and dexterous convenient to operate and can operate flexibly.

  • In order to better serve the transportation of auxiliary materials HELI provides ride-on pallet trucks and stand-on pallet stackers. HELI pallet truck is equipped with high-strength forksstepless speed regulation and automatic deceleration functions for turning which is safer; HELI stacker adopts lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery which works with high efficiency environmental friendly with no pollution.

  • In the delivery of finished products HELI G2 lithium battery special forklift operates in an orderly manner. The high-endurance lithium battery can be charged and used at any time which can meet our needs of continuous operation throughout the day.

  • HELI FICS Management System, helps the managers of LESSO BANHAO grasp the fleet information in real time, and better manage the vehicles.





G3 Series Rough Terrain Forklift Truck

Superior Design

  • Fashionable and Aesthetic streamlined design
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Dual drive or four-wheel drive off-road tires
  • Widely used in fields, farms, orchards and other tough road conditions


Powerful & Efficient

  • Multi-position gearbox with flexible connection;
  •  Dual drive or four-wheel drive energy conservative and high efficient
  • Flexible connected drive axle with ultrahigh configuration;
  • Greatly improved off-road performance hydraulic system with load sensing valve faster lifting speed;
  • Lightweight mast, widened frame and upper beam of optimized design high carrying capacity.

Stable & Reliable

  • Off-road wide base tires with large treads;
  • Improved radiator structure, optimized cooling system, better heat dissipation perfor­mance;
  • In-position sensing system, effectively avoid misoperation;
  •  Optimized drive line system, larger ground clearance, lower center of gravity, improved stability and passability;
  •  Pedal mechanism optimization: inching pedal is connected to inching valve directly;
  •  Ip65 digital lcd meter;
  • Sealing structure of 24 cone rubber hose, add ”o” type sealing ring, better sealing effect.

Enjoyable Driving Experience






Easy to Maintain







Welcome to HELI Booth at CeMAT 2023

HELI will be exhibiting at CeMAT in Sydney Olympic Park, Australia from July 23-25, 2023.

CeMAT is Australia’ s leading trade show for intralogistics, robotics and automation, warehousing, supply chain management and materials handling. We will bring a large number of lithium-ion products and dual-fuel products adapted to the Austra­lian market to this exhibition. Also, our exhibits will include reach truck, walkie stacker, order picker and so on. A wide range of exhibits will showcase our product strength and R&D innovation capabilities.


Have a Great Summer!

HELI Company


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Käyttövoima: sähkö
Litiumakku: 80 V / 404 Ah
Nostokorkeus: 4 700 mm
Nostokyky 3 500 kg
Triplex / vapaanostomasto
Ajokorkeus 2 230 mm
Cascade haarukoiden asetinlaite

Soita ja varaa koeajo tai kysy lisää:

trukkimynti: Kimmo Kytölaakso,
puh. 050 305 0030, kimmo.kytolaakso[at]ohmantrukit.fi

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